Felten & Michelle

Felten & Michelle's guitar arrangements are both sensitive and complex. The voices blend harmoniously. Everyone who thought they had come to this restaurant or club just to eat ends up listening to the sounds.

This scenario plays out again and again, as it did for two years during the duo's residency at the Sagebrush Cantina in Culver City. They play a delicate blend of instrumentals, jazz, pop, country, blues, folk and bossa nova. Their sets include original music and songs known from the radio.

People come to hear Felten & Michelle at locales such as Luna Park and Cantor's Delicatessen (Hollywood); Java 90277, Coffee Cartel, and Coffee Merchant (Redondo Beach); Sponda (Hermosa Beach); Orville and Wilbur Wright's and Hennesey's (Manhattan Beach); St. Honore (Rancho Palos Verdes); Coffee Cat (Westchester); Cabrillo Yacht Club (San Pedro); Hilton Hotel (Burbank) and the aforementioned Sagebrush Cantina.

Felten & Michelle know how to connect with their audience. They do this by creating a mix of sensitivity and energy. Artists respond to and respect both the spiritual thread that runs throughout Tami's lyrics and Bob's witty, whimsical political satire and spoofs. Both peers and audience members enjoy Tami's "Lucky Man" and "Gemini Blue" just as they appreciate Bob's "Are there Any Other Pickers in This Town" and "A Hole in the Ozone."

This self-contained duo is as appropriate for background music as for performing concerts. They bring their own PA equipment, guaranteeing high quality and consistent sound in any venue, indoors or out.

What Felten & Michelle do more than anything else is entertain, and they know, as all serious professional musicians know, that means giving the audience what it wants.

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